Vintage Lakers

Coop & The Jet

I started this blog at the beginning of what I knew would be a lost season. A season marked by an injured star, a clueless coach, and a cast of journeyman players seeking their next contract. The losing was a given this year. But this is the Lakers we’re talking about. The greatest franchise in all of sports, so to distract myself from the agony I decided that this season would be the perfect opportunity to look at years past and honor that world famous vintage Laker mystique.

The only two current Lakers that appear in this space are Pau and Kobe. They represent the remnants of Laker pride and greatness. They represent a tradition of winning. I don’t recognize this current Laker group or their style of play. It was foreign to me. It was truly painful to watch.

With the season having reached its conclusion last week, so will this account at some point during the playoffs. This tumblr has amassed a pretty solid following so I’m willing to accept submissions if you guys want this to live on. If not feel free to follow my other account lowerclassconspiracy . Thanks for liking and reblogging.

Lakers forever.


UNC’s finest


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The greatest Laker roster ever assembled ‘86-‘87.

A passing of the baton

The beginning of Showtime.

Magic’s first game as a pro.

Nixon & Riles


Pontiac Silverdome ‘88
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